"I'm not moved by intimidation, because I know my Value. I'm not delayed by fear, because I know my Power. Nor am I bound by weakness, because I know my Strength. I'm Strong, Valuable, and Powerful." ~ Jamara

Jamara Wilson

Dear Readers, 

First and foremost, thank you for stopping by to visit my blog.  The purpose of this blog is to inspire and be inspired.

My name is Jamara, an extroverted introvert who loves tea. I'm a motivated visionary who is very passionate about Professional Development and Personal Growth. I enjoy life and all of its challenges. I LIVE life today, FORGIVE yesterday, and PRAY for the future. I strongly believe that you should “Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think” ~Benjamin Disraeli. 

In addition to this blog, I'm also the owner and founder of Tuxedo Impressions LLC™, a company that helps small businesses systematized and automate their business operations. I'm also the founder of Crafted Connections™, a series of exclusive business networking events providing professionals with a customize business matchmaking experience.

I was born and raised in South FL where I grew up as an inexperienced and naive little girl to the world outside of my neighborhood. After college, then life after college, I came to realize that I had more in me to give. Someone once told me at an early age, "...potential is wasted talent Jamara, you have a lot of it". So here I am!  Ready to share, grow and write.  Grab your cup of tea and happy reading!

Please visit my other blog Business Memos From A Gutsy Entrepreneur, at JamaraWilson.com where I discuss all things business as it pertains to us gutsy entrepreneurs.

Feel free to email me at jamara@hismajestyfavorite.com and follow me on twitter @HisMajestyFav.