I have a tendency of thinking a little deeper about things related directly to life and how we live it.  Instead of continuing to write them down and keeping them to myself, I've decided to write them out and share them with you.  His Majesty's Favorite is a blog where my thoughts are poured out and then manifested into writings of insight and inspiration.  A private collection of my thoughts that I've given you access to.

  • Our History

His Majesty's Favorite was originally created and published in 2009 and received lots of love from the online community.  From sharing tweets and reposting posts, the content shared on this blog was well received.  All original posts have remained on this blog.  With a strong desire and need to fulfill a destiny and purpose through writing, I've decided to relaunch His Majesty's Favorite in January 2015.

Every Wednesday I write quick food for thought that I consider to be wisdom.  They are posts meant to encourage proactive behaviors in everyday life. There posts to help us learn from mistakes and minimize the creation of new ones.

Day In and Day Out is a poem I wrote that's about the stages in a specific phase in life.  It takes you from the point of self actualization to decision making.  It's written in a way for the reader to take on their own perception and apply it to their journey in life.  A creative piece that ends with the insight and inspiration from learned experiences.

The individuals featured in this section have a following and strong online presence.  They have exemplified, on a continuous basis, insight and inspiration either through words or their actions.  Their continued growth in personal and or professional development is astonishing.

So breathe, and take the time out to read the featured posts of His Majesty’s Favorite chosen Inspired Extraordinaires.

While His Majesty's Favorite is a blog where pondering thougths and analytical thinking are brought to life in discussion for insight and inspiration, the words I write on this blog are a product of many things.  I'm easily inspired.

Here you will find other resources to help encourage insight and inspiration.  These resources are a good read and will help generate creativity and build wisdom. 

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Check out all of our categories and older posts by visiting the Archives.  Be inspired by posts and comments that you may have missed or overlooked.  Feel free to roam around the categories and get lost reading the results of thoughts put on paper.