You Don't Need to Be Perfect

About a week ago, a friend and I discussed our flaws, or areas of opportunities I prefer to say, over lunch. The conversation went deeper. Usually, when topics related to self and human behavior comes up I tend to dig into the "why" and sometimes the psychoanalysis of things. I'm thankful to have friends that are willing to go there with me.


In this particular conversation, we discussed a person's desire to be perfect at something to feel worthy and or be successful. We know that not to be true. But when you allow someone to make you feel inferior, the illusion that they are superior can infiltrate your mind and spirit. Understand and believe that no one is flawless and we all are imperfect in some capacity. 

You don’t need to be perfect you just need to be you. Be your perfectly imperfect self. Everyone is unique and no two people are the same. You may compliment each and have similar beliefs and morals, but your individual design is what makes you special.

I made decisions that I regret, and I took them as learning experiences. I’m human, not perfect like anybody else
— Queen Latifah

Don’t allow anyone to make you feel bad about yourself because your weakness is their strength. Realize, they have a weakness that is your strength rather or not it's been exposed. Use your strengths to turn your weaknesses into a testimony. Share your success story with others to let them know that your imperfect self was successful at loving you for you, while becoming a better you.

Do the things you do well great.

You don’t have to be perfect to have a big dream. You just need to be willing to “do”. Do what it takes to make it happen. No matter the scars on your body, the bruises in your heart, or the torment to your mind, just do. There are many of us who have been scarred from life’s journey. Some of those scars have been self-inflicted due to lack of wisdom or self-discipline. Understand that the scars we got are reminders of the battles we've fought and the failures we’ve learned from . Recognize those things and allow them to fuel the fire inside of you for the good.

Use that fire to propel you forward to surpass your goals and become the superstar you want to be. You are a superstar. You are made perfect to do what you need to do in life in to have what you want out of life. Make decisions based on your life and not what anyone else is saying about the perfectly imperfect you.

Believe in you, love you, and become your biggest fan.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara