Don't Negotiate With Your Purpose

You’ve known me to write about purpose many times here on this blog. I believe that knowing your purpose is important in achieving what it is you're supposed to get out of life as well as give back to life. Knowing your purpose gives you direction and a reason to not live and walk in life aimless. Most of the time your purpose aligns with what you are passionate about.

Do you know your purpose? Some people learn of their purpose in life earlier than others. Where it may take one person 25 years to know their purpose, it may take someone else 40 years. The sooner you know or find your purpose the more fruitful and fulfilling your life can be. You avoid wasting time on things that aren't meant to yield favorable results.

don't negotiate with your purpose

I didn’t realize my full purpose in life until a few years ago. While I’ve always knew the life I wanted to live, I had no idea of how to get there. I didn't know what I need to do to manifest my dreams. I wasn't sure of my purpose or who would be affected if I did or didn't live my purpose. I knew what I was passionate about and some things I was good at. But I had no direction on how to achieve them. Once I learned of my purpose, I was then able to see clearly how walking in my purpose would allow me to live the lifestyle I desired, help the people I wanted, and travel around the world educating myself on culture.

Once you know your purpose it is your decision and choice of will to live it out.

Some people get excited about learning their purpose. They will jump all in and do what's needed to live out their destiny. There are others who fight with their purpose. They may be receptive of what their purpose is but they negotiate when they will start to live it.

For example, you may learn that your purpose is to be a minister. While you accept that order of life, you make the decision to begin pursuing it in 5 - 10 years. But right now, you decide to continue to live your life the way you have been while knowing it may not align with that expected of a minister.

You enjoy helping children who are less fortunate and are without the necessary resources to become self-sufficient, such as the right to an education. You enjoy giving them hope. Your purpose may be to start a non-profit in a third world country to stimulate its economy. But right now, you’ve decided to enjoy the big city life where anything you need, or may want, is at your fingertips. 

The problem with negotiating with your purpose is it does two things. One, it delays the many blessings and manifestations that await you. Second, those who are helped and healed by the work you do in your purpose are denied. My grandmother used to say “your testimony isn’t for you, it’s for someone else”, and “speak on your troubles to help others avoid them”. I believe both of these statements. 

Negotiating with yourself about when you will start to walk in your purpose once you’ve learned of it not only affects you, but others. Because walking in your purpose is not only about self-gratification and prosperity, but helping others. 

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara