Don't Lose Integrity With Dignity

The other day I had a long and deep conversation with someone about actions and reactions. We discussed how you should not allow yourself to think that people "should have" reacted in a specific way, but instead changing your mindset with "it would have been nice if they" reacted in this way.  This conversation started while discussing a recent display of actions and my disappointment with someone whom I thought was more than their reaction to a situation.

You can't expect anyone to do things the way you feel they should. Often times, the other person is thinking the same thing. A window to your character opens when you're put in a position that you feel the another person failed in.

Dont lose integrity with dignity

Don't lose your integrity with your dignity. You must be able to maintain both.  

Let's talk about what is dignity and what it means to walk in it. Having dignity means you know you're value and are worthy of respect. When you walk in dignity you have a calmness about you that others respect and take serious. There will be trials, tribulations, adversities, hurt, and disappointment in our lives. It will happen more than once. How we react to these situations speaks of our character and the presence of dignity, or not. 

When pressed, under pressure, or tried be sure to maintain your composure.

Have you ever been in a position where you felt the desire to be unfair to someone who was unfair to you? Have you ever wanted to hurt someone because they first hurted you? Have you ever wanted to take advantage of a vulnerable situation for self-gratification? I've been in these situations before and, unfortunately, have succumb to a few of those temptations in my past. Responding to situations like this with decency shows integrity.

Having integrity encourages you to be fair and decent when the opportunity to mirror less than favorable behavior to someone who caused you to be conscious of your dignity. You can maintain dignity without losing your integrity by responding to situations like the ones mentioned above with principle. The fundamental reasoning behind why your integrity exists.

When someone knowingly or unknowingly shows you their character and in it you see a lack of integrity, don't mirror their behaviors. Instead, exude the behaviors you would want reciprocated. Be noble. 

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thougths To Yours, Jamara