~Wisdom Wednesday..."Don't Hit the Target But Miss the Point"

Recently, in an organization I'm involved in, I encountered someone who did whatever necessary to get what it was they wanted. Even when the initial response and answer was "unfortunately, we can't allow this to happen", he kept going. I was the one who gave him that response. He wasn't happy with my response because he had a goal to reach. He felt there was another way to get what he wanted. He wanted a role on the schedule that is in high demand and currently has a waitlist that is two months long. So, me informing him that this wasn't possible is something he chose not to accept.

This individual had an "I'm going to get this done and make it happen" attitude. Which I love in a person. He got what he wanted by asking someone who was already on the schedule to give up their spot. That person agreed to do it which resulted in giving this individual what he wanted. Yet, they both missed the point of refusal in the first place.

wisdom wednesday don't hit the target but miss the point

He may have hit the target. But he ignored the fundamental reason for not allowing for modification of the schedule. Especially to suit his personal needs. In this particular story, his success in negotiation with the other individual to secure the role he wanted was revoked due to principle.

Before you chase anything make sure you understand what it is you're seeking and why you are desiring it. It's a feeling of pride when we've accomplished something we set out to do. Having a target in the first place means we are not walking aimlessly in life and this is good. Yet, hitting a target and missing the purpose of your journey doesn't help you become better. Instead, you are going through the motions. Wasting energy and time that could be effective elsewhere. 

The next time you set out to do something you are eagerly wanting to succeed in, be sure you have an understanding of why you are doing it. Be clear or gain clarity on what the expected outcome should be and what you should learn from it. There is always a lesson to learn when we take the journey to achieving our ambitions. Just be sure you accept the insight you receive along the way. 

Don't be like the individual mentioned above who spent a full day going around leadership to get what he wanted, only to lose what he accomplished because he chose to ignore the point in the first place.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara