Live Life At Your Pace

In my last post, I talked about 3 different types of reality and the impact social media can have on individuals. That post sparked many conversations with friends and associates. Some discussed the influence and pressure that social media has on inviduals and the stress it can cause. This became a heavy conversation with some.

live life at your pace

This shouldn't be. Allowing the lifestyle of others to control how you feel about yours can be unhealthy. Everyone has their own journey and must take the path given to them or the one they've chosen. The truth is, you must live life at your on pace. Do things when you feel is right and know if it's right for your life. Everything isn't meant for everyone. 

Some people learn this lesson sometime after high school or even college. When you realize that life as an adult is real and you don't have to show up for a class at the same time everyday. You are now responsible for your own time and what it is that you do with that time. The challenge with having complete control of your life is the accountability of what you do with it. The keyword is "you". You make the decisions on how you want to sculpt and curate the chapters in your life. Not the images portrayed by others. 

Living life at your pace takes confidence and discipline. Have the strength to not allow external factors to deter us from our journey or distract us from our purpose. Be encouraged knowing that your dreams and desires will manifest in due time. If someone else's life is unfolding in a way that you want or hope for yours to, then be motivated knowing that it's possible. Believe it will happen for you because you've seen it happen for others. 

I’m having living my life between reality and fantasy all at the same time.
— Lady Gaga

Don't allow others moments of fantasy to blur the vision of your journey. Stay on tract and live your life for you and in a way that will produce the best you to help make a better life for others.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara