Release Your Inner Superstar

Release your inner superstar. Dig deep inside of your soul and pull out all the passion and ambition you need to reignite your journey in life. Every one of us has something special about us. It's not just one thing but also many things that makes us unique. Find inspiration within yourself to motivate you towards greatness. This world in large enough for everyone who wants to be a superstar to be one. If you don't believe that, just take a moment and think about social media. It's one tool you can use to showcase your special talents and learned skills. But that's all it is, a tool. The talent and passion is authentic and must come from within. Without you locating and identifying that first, the platform to showcase it all doesn't exist to you.

release your inner superstar

What is it that you are passionate about? What allows you to do the most good for the most people while lessening the harm to yourself? Now, remove all fear and imagine your days being filled with these activities. Are you smiling? Good. Use that feeling of gain to motivate you towards that lifestyle. You deserve it. You weren't put on this earth to suffer. No matter what kind of days you've experienced in life, good or bad, you weren't put here to suffer. Life may not be perfect but your reactions to adversity can be. 

There was a time when I lived life for the day. I didn't think of my future much. It's not that I wasn't planning for my future or knew what I would like for it to be. I wasn't using the present to help influence and elevate my future. I wasn't releasing my inner superstar. Then one day, the day I made the decision that I was ready to become an entrepreneur, all that changed. You see, I've always known what I wanted to be and what I was passionate about, it just took me years to actually walk in it. Since then, I've used my entire inner superstar to help the empire in me unfold. You can do the same. Let yourself know that you are a VIP. If not to anyone else, then be it to you. When you work to better yourself the week before, or the year before, people will notice. Some may support you and others may not. Whether they do or don't shouldn't discourage you from being the best you.

Take this moment to ask yourself, are you utilizing all your natural talents to help define the lifestyle you want? Are you doing all that you can to ensure your work makes even just a little difference in this world and it help others? If not, then dig deep within yourself and find the fire to create change in your life. That's something you can control. Now, while you think about those things I'm going to finish my cup of mosaic mint tea.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara