If It Concerns You Then You Can Change It

The last few weeks have gone by fast. There have been long days and short weeks. The thing is, I know this is only the beginning of this phase in my life. I've spoken with some of my friends and they feel the same way. Like myself, some of my friends are entrepreneurs and live untraditional lives. "Girl, I don't even want to talk about today. I'd rather not unload on you right now because it won't change a thing." One of my friends said that to me last week. We were discussing the events that led up to how we were feeling by the end of that week. Exhausted. We were at a place where we wanted to complain. Then I said, "No, I totally get it. But if it concerns you, then let's talk about the thing that we can change about it." She laughed and said, "Oh Jamara."

if it concerns you then you can change it

I watch a lot of TD Jakes. His messages inspire me. A few weeks ago while listening to one of his messages he said, "If it concerns you then you can change it." Those words in that order stuck with me. If something concerns me enough where I'm voicing my opinion, uttering a complaint, or if it's maintaining my attention then I can change how it effects me. If something matters enough to you, it has the power to influence you but you have the will to control how it affects you. Sitting around and complaining about a thing you have control over is useless and ineffective. Have you ever found yourself saying, "Someone needs to do something about that. Fix it. I don't have time for it." Bottom line is if it concerns you that much, then you fix it. You make time for it. 

You don't wait on someone else to change something that's bothering you. Or better yet, you don't wait on someone else to make a difference in your life. You have the ability to change whatever you want. I'm not talking about changing the entire world with one mission. I'm talking about first changing the way you think about something and then how you do something. Next encouraging another person to change the way they do something. Eventually the acts of goodwill will make a change in this world. We are this world. What we do affects it and the people in it. Our action causes someone else to react, even if we know it or not. Allow your action to be the cause of a change in reactions.

I promise to remind myself of this. I control the controllable and therefore am the reason for how my day end or what rewards my week generates. If it concerns you, then you are either satisfied or unsatisfied with it. If you aren't satisfied with it, then transform the outcome.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara