Delay Doesn't Always Mean Denial

Sometimes you find yourself right where you need to be.  That happened to me the other night.  I spent my Friday night listening to much needed food for my spirit.  I attended my church's Ladies Night Out service and left with the energy I needed to kick into a higher gear. A lot of things were said that night.  Great messages that not only encouraged people but edified them as well.  I took in everything.  Overall the service reminded me of something I know very well.  That is, just because you are delayed something, doesn't mean you have been denied it. Perseverance, faith, and patience are much needed ingredients in this journey of life.

delay doesn't always mean denial

Sometimes we mistake delayed responses for being denied something. I've been guilty of it. A matter of fact, I was sadly reminded that my behaviors communicated that not that long ago. I was being impatient. Mistaken delayed responses for denial can happen in different areas of our lives.  Waiting for an email after submitting your resume, a phone call after applying for a loan, a text response from your companion, lab results from tests, or even waiting long for a return call from a friend can all take more time than you like. The list goes on. All of these situations can evoke uncertainty or hesitation if you allow it. Don't allow it. Instead, give life to the thought of acceptance and experience the possibility of rejoice. During the period in time when a response is being postponed or your rewards have not been revealed, continue to do your good works. The lack of response or your ideal response doesn't always denotes denial.

Persevere through your unique path and have patience that your work will be rewarded.  Have faith that the way life happens for you and when things happen to you will seem perfect in timing. Understand that everything may not happen the way or when you want for it to happen but it doesn't mean that it will not. And if doesn't happen at all, if the delay was denial, life as you know it will continue to go on and you would have become stronger because of it.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara