7 Reasons Why..."I Love Tea"

I'm sitting here in front of my Mac with my hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea. I was thinking of what I wanted to write about in this post. Then it hit me, why not write about why I love tea. I'm inspired by tea. My friends know how much I enjoy it. I always start and end my day with a cup of tea. It doesn't matter how early or late, it's routine for me. There are plenty of reasons, big and small, of why I love tea. Here are seven of them.

1. It's Spa in a Cup - Have you ever gotten home from late in the evening and the only thing you wanted to do was sit in a hot tub of water and allow the bubbles to massage your body? That's what a warm cup of tea does for me after a long day filled with work. It gives me the feeling and sensation of being in a spa. It caters to everything in body while relaxing it.

7 reasons why i love tea

2. Longer Satisfaction - When you drink a cup of coffee the warmth of the beverage seems to not last long. However, the heat from a cup of tea lasts much longer. The satisfaction it gives seems more than temporary. The joy you experience goes beyond a sip and a swallow.

3. It Makes Me Smile - If the first two reasons aren't good enough then the fact that it puts a natural smile on my face says it all.

4. It Encourages Creative Writing - Did you read the first paragraph of this post? A cup of tea is the prerequisite before I begin a lot of my work. It helps me switch between my left and right brain. I'm pretty balance between the two. Sipping on tea helps the transition and encourages deeper thought.

5. Liquid Wisdom - I'm sure most of you have heard this before. Tea lovers believe this to be true. When I have a cup of tea filled with rich tea leaves and perfectly steeped, there's a rush of excitement that goes through my body. It heightens my discernment and betters my judgment, even if it's just for a few moments.

6. It's Easier to Make - By far, tea is much easier to make than coffee. The less time is takes me to make it, the more time I can enjoy sipping it.

7. It Takes Me Around the World - Whenever I travel to some place new the one thing I try to always bring back home is tea. Sometimes my friends bring me a tea gift when they travel. I like collecting tea from different places. There are so many kinds of tea leaves and I want to experience as many as I can. Having a cup of tea that was purchased from somewhere other than where I live takes me to that place mentally.

Here I sat not knowing what I would I write about. All it took was a cup of tea to encourage inspiration. What simple thing in your life inspires you?

 Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara