Rest In What You Know

How many times have you dealt with the challenge of making decisions on what you feel? Usually that "feeling" exists because you have doubt about what you "know" you should do. If we allow our emotions to always lead our decision then there will be times when we will make an unfavorable decision. While I believe there are times when you have to trust what you feel because your spirit knows what you may not, making the right decisions based on what you "know" will always be favorable. I challenge you to line the two up.

rest in what you know

There was a time when I was challenged with this task. I'm a very passionate person and sometimes that passion was misunderstood. I made decisions based on my emotions. Although I knew otherwise, I chose to mostly follow what I felt. When in fact, that wasn't always the right thing to do. Until you grow to a place where you can identify your emotions and then understand where those emotions are coming from, you will not know when to make decisions based on them.  Until that happens, use wisdom in resting in what you know.

You feel like your friend is ignoring your phone call. You know your friend has a meeting with a very important client today. You feel like your companion is upset with you because they've been silent all day and there is minimal communication. You know they had a bad day at work yesterday because a huge deal fell through. You feel your co-worker is being discourteous and impatient. You know that in your department's last meeting the status of the project indicated that you are way behind schedule, and it's their job that's on the line. Be inspired by the desire to be understood and understand the challenges that someone else may be dealing with.

Resting in what you know doesn't mean to neglect what you feel. It means take time to understand what you are feeling so that you may know how to deal with the decisions in your life.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara