Speak With a Purpose

Some people enjoy conversing and debating with others. Some enjoy listening to themselves speak.  Others just enjoy a good conversation and healthy dialogue with someone interesting.  We all feel we have something important to say. At some point in time everyone does.  Remember, there are two people in any conversation, the deliverer and the receiver.  When having a conversation with someone I prefer to walk away with either having given knowledge or receiving it. Speaking with a purpose helps ensure this happens. Otherwise, I feel I've wasted my time. 

speak with a purpose

Personally, I'm annoyed with vain conversations. Most of my friends are as well. When we are on the phone catching up with one another or meeting up for dinner we seem to naturally speak with a purpose. That purpose could be to inform, educate, encourage, notify, uplift, or teach. If you are going to fill the air with words, let those words be useful. If you are leading a company meeting, facilitating a workshop, or speaking on a conference call, then make sure that what you are saying is worth paying attention to.

Does what you say have value?

Speaking with a purpose means refraining from negative conversations, insults, empty words, judgement on others, meaningless statements, self pity or self absorbed comments, and fillers. Instead, speak to breathe life into someone. Speak to encourage one another or share a personal testimonial that would inspire someone. Speak with a purpose, a purpose to cheer and revitalize a weary spirit. When facilitating a meeting, speak with the words that will motivate your team and fortify them from the competition.

If you are going to use the time someone is giving you or willing to spend with you, time that can not be returned, then respect that time and use words that are meaningful. How do you feel when you are listening to someone whose words seem to have no identity? What are you saying when you have the floor in a conversation? What is the purpose in what you are saying? Take a moment and answer these questions for yourself.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara