Celebrate the Difference In Others

I enjoy the outdoors and people watching. Sitting outside at a nice cafe or bistro smiling at two people holding hands.  Laughing at the child who runs in circles while their parent tries to get them to stop. Nodding at those who smile back at me while I sip my cup of tea.  It's relaxing to me being able to take time outside of myself and enjoy the beauty of innocent gestures and unforgotten manners.

celebrate the difference in others

One thing I've always noticed is the difference in how people interact and communicate with each other. The way one person speaks to the cashier when checking out at the bagel shop is usually different from the way someone else communicates with that same cashier. While I believe that no one person is exactly the same, I do believe the difference between people are not to be to taken for granted.  My choice of music in the morning may be different from yours, if you listen to music in the morning at all. The way I love my companion or friend, may be different than the way you show love. The comparisons are endless.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend whom I share very similar values, likes, and expectations with.  Her and I often times feel the need to go in the opposite direction of the crowd. Now, we may have personal reasons for this, but normally we just want to do something different. While we expect people to respect our choice in going against what's popular, we also respect others decision to enjoy what we may not.

In life you will come in contact with many people doing different things, making different decisions, eating different foods, reading different books, dressing in a different way, and yes sipping on different cups of tea. It's not for us to judge or be judged. Embrace the opportunity to learn something from someone who sees things differently than you do. Acquire a new perspective from observing how someone else may handle the same issue or situation differently. Celebrate the differences we have amongst each other. There are many cultures in this world and within those cultures there are many different norms.

We are a beautiful people. No matter the size, color, shape, or race. We have something different about us that makes us special. Learning to celebrate and accept these differences, is understanding the power in being different.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara