~Wisdom Wednesday..."Silence Is Communication"

Have you ever driven in a car with someone and there was nothing but silence? A time when there is literally not a beat of music playing nor a question asked of either you or the other person in the car.  You are wide awake and so is your passenger. The only sound you here is that of the wind outside of your automobile. 

silence is communication

Some people will be uncomfortable in a situation like this.  Others may feel there is something wrong.  I have a close friend who is very comfortable in silence. Her and I can sit in the same room, ride in the same car, and get dress in the same bathroom and not say a word. She has always been comfortable doing this. I had to grow to understand that during these shared moments of silence, a lot of communication was taking place.

Silence is non verbal communication.  In our situation, the silence communicated our comfort with each other. It communicated the trust we have in each other. Our silence told us that we don't need to filled the air with noise in order to prove to the other that we care for them.  We were confident in knowing that the other person knew the unspoken.

Silence can communicate a lot of things, ranging from anger and hurt all the way to admiration and love.  Don't be mislead by intentional silence from others. Whether or not it's revealed, their intentional silence is communicating something.  

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara