Wake Up Everyone. Stop Sleeping On The Job.

For me, today was a day filled with empowerment and discovery. The sermon my pastor preached at church was relevant and everlasting.  My spirit was fed and my heart's appetite was satisfied. Immediately after that, I had the pleasure of sitting in on an international speech contest hosted by my Toastmaster Club's Division. All of the speakers were great. They were confident, poise, prepared, articulate, and hopeful in advancing on to the next round of competition. I walked away learning something from each delivered speech. 

wake up everyone stop sleeping on the job

Today's day of intellectual and spiritual messages helped thrush me towards the next task in my day.  That task was to create and organize a list of tasks and projects that I needed to complete by a specific date in order to advance myself to the next level in my professional journey.  

Although said in two different ways, the message I was privy to hear today from my Pastor and the speakers said the same thing.  Wake up! The ideal of advancing to something better or larger remains just an idea unless you are showing up prepared to win. Not only do you need to show up, but you need to be vigilant and alert of your surroundings. Be awake, be alive. You can't possibly expect to handle, let alone be given, something greater if you are inactive in the stage you are now. Have an understanding of what is expected and needed to win. Don't lose sight of that expectation. Don't show up to the battle ready for a win but unable to fight because you forgot to bring your weapons. Or, you're ready to fight, but you don't have the appropriate weapons to win because you ignored the lesson that would teach you what weapons you needed in order to win.

I'm guilty of being asleep in a certain area in my life over the past few weeks. Matter of fact, I was actually sleep walking. They say the darkest hour of the day is right before dawn. Wake up and prepare yourself for the sun rising in your life.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara