~ 7 Reasons Why..."You Should Keep Moving Forward"

The other day I had a conversation with someone about forgiving their past and not allowing themselves to get stuck in the emotions or thoughts of failure. If It didn't work out, so what. You have to keep pushing and moving forward. The next time it may work or it may not. It doesn't matter when it will happen just believe it will happen so as long as you continue to move forward in your ambitions.

7 reasons why you should keep moving forward

You have to keep moving forward in life no matter what bump in the road you come to, brick tossed at you, or cliff you fall from. You should keep moving forward in what it is you set out to accomplish.  Here are seven reasons why.

1.It Creates Energy - Motion creates energy and energy is needed for sustainability. If you stop moving you stop creating the opportunities you need to sustain life. 

2. You Stay Being A Student - The more you move the more do. As you move forward in life you stay learning. Being a student to the things you have not mastered keeps you growing. When you feel you have mastered something, then move forward in learning something new. 

3. It Fades Bad Memories - Sometimes there are things you regret and or are not proud of. Accept that those things happened and move on. The further ahead you move, the further away those regrets become. Some day, those unfavorable memories will fade and you will no longer allow them to be relevant to your present or future.

4. Time Waits On No One - Time keeps going without you. Either you are moving along with it or find yourself falling behind it. The choice is yours. You can make the decision to keep up and be ready for opportunity when it strikes, or catch it the next time it comes around. Whenever that may be.

5. Maintain Balance - It's like riding a bicycle, if you stand in one place it falls over. It's when you are constantly paddling, using both hands to grip the bar, and looking ahead to see where you're going that allows you to go for miles and miles. Energy recycles, keep using whatever amount of energy you have and you will have more to carry you through your journey.

6. Winners Never Quit - ..and quitters never win. Remember Vince Lombardi's words. You are a winner. Yes, you are a winner and winners don't stop moving forward. You fight through the entire war no matter how many or what bruises you get along the way. If you quit, all of what you have done up to this point would be for a fight you may as well not have shown up for. Finish it through.

7. Rocks Move On - If the rocks in a field or desert can move on, then so can you. It may take all of the strength in you and the energy that strength brings to move forward, but you can do it. The disappointment or grief may be heavy but the weight of what you're feeling will dissipate with the shift of your mind.

I hope these things helped encourage you to keep moving forward in whatever task or journey you're in.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara