Change Is Tough But Constant Evolution Is Invigorating.

"Change is tough and you can always come up with 100 reasons not to do something, or quit in the process, but reaching a goal that you bravely fought and won, is invigorating and a worthy reason for doing it."  I read this in a recent article written by Barbara Corcoran titled Here's How To Reinvent Yourself. Immediately after reading it I connected with her.  Knowing that I was in the process of redefining my image to the world in order to position myself to birth all of the ingenuity in me, I was motivated to continue my work. The article was just the right inspiration I needed to write my very first post to the relaunch of this blog. 

change is tough but constant evolution is invigorating

Change is in fact tough and yes you may be lonely during the process. But we all know that nothing worth having comes easy. There are many phases in life and some come with growing pains. Each phase prepares you for the next stage in your life. The challenge is gaining an understanding of the purpose of that phase and then accepting the reasons why. Sometimes we are not happy with what we find in ourselves. Other times we are amazed at the capabilities that surfaced from within us.

The process can be lonely because it all starts with you. You are the one who has to recognize change needs to happen. You are the one who has to accept the challenge of making a change. You are the one who has to allow the process of change. If you don't embrace change you may find yourself lost in the midst of a lot of things. 

Mark Twain said "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you found out why." When you get to a place of knowing exactly who you are and loving you for who you are, you are filled with a class of confidence that no man can shatter. There is a no judgement zone. The evolution of your purpose begins.  

Allow the difficulty and challenges of change to help you create the person you want to be while accepting the person you were destine to be.  Recognize, accept, and allow change to happen.  Constant evolution is invigorating. Unlock your potential. Allow yourself to experience the pleasure that positive change brings.  You deserve it.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara