Pursue Excellence But Avoid Perfectionism

I read this line while studying from one of my favorite leadership coaches, John C. Maxwell.  “Pursue excellence but avoid perfectionism” is weight off of your shoulders.  The thought of going after something, pursuing a goal, or striving to be successful are all journeys we want and hope one day to be “just right”.  We want it to be perfect.  Perfection is a fairytale word.  It’s a matter of opinion.  As you live everyday to its fullest reaching as high as you can, do as much as you can, but don’t chase the dream of being perfect because perfection is in the eye of the beholder. 

pursue excellence but avoid perfection

No one person is exactly the same and no two people will have the exact same perception on every single thing.  Living a life trying to be perfect in every way can be stressful and overwhelming.  The negative side effects that it causes are very unhealthy emotionally, mentally, and socially.   Even if one feels they have achieved perfection, they will not measure up to every one’s definition of a perfect life.  The woman who is married to a loyal and loving husband with two children feels life is perfect because she has a great family.  The single successful career woman who has just made partner at her law firm feels life is perfect because she has overtaken corporate America.  Both of these women feel they have reached perfection but by different definitions, yet they both have reached excellence in what they were pursuing.  They were passionate about their efforts.

Whatever it is you choose to pursue take steps towards excellence instead of pursuing perfection in a diverse world.  A place of perfection has a different definition by not only individuals but also by culture.  Measure your definition to your works and don’t allow another’s definition to define the object of your pursuit

Are you pursuing excellence or are you being hunted by perfection?

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara