~Wisdom Wednesday... "Don't Act Out Of Emotions"

Everyone has emotions.  We deal with these emotions everyday both in our professional and personal life.  Our behaviors, decisions, thoughts, and even communication are all influenced by our emotions.  However, if not handled and controlled, living our life by the emotions we feel can be dangerous.

don't act out of emotions

It’s ok to display emotions but don’t allow uncertain or negative emotions to either influence or provoke negative behaviors.  If we do this, we give our emotions control over situations that have or may not have established an outcome.  Sometimes there are personal circumstances where certain behaviors trigger certain emotions.  These emotions come prematurely and therefore causes us to act prematurely.  Maybe a decision that was made at work stirs up emotions because we disagree.  This type of occurrence can cause dissonant emotions.  Don’t allow these emotions to project and be displayed in your behavior before you had the time to examine and understand them.

Understanding your emotions and the cause or root of them is important.  They could be a result of a past situation that is not relevant to the one at hand, but instead we connect these emotions to the present circumstances because of similarities.  Don’t act out of emotions when you are unsure of why you are feeling what you are feeling.  Instead, reflect on the reasons for those emotions.

Are you controlling your emotions or are they controlling you?

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thougths To Yours, Jamara