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…Your One Stop Shop to Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Development.  LaKesha Womack is a “You Can Have It All” extraordinaire.  She provides insight and informative tips on anything related to developing you into a better you both professionally and personally.  She muses often on her blog, LaKesha Womack, where she shares Success Secrets, Business Dollars and Sense, Christian and Cool, and many other eye catching categories.  Yes, all of the above mentions are worth speaking of. However, it’s not the writing that firsts catches your eye it’s her online personality and charisma that gets you hitched.

lakesha womack inspired extraordinaire

I first witnessed LaKesha’s extendable insight and choice of quality when she reached out to me personally in hopes of recruiting me for The BOSS Network, an online network of professional women empowering each other.  Needless to say, she did.  From energetic and insightful tweets in my twitter feed to edifying blog posts in my reader, LaKesha is consistent in her delivery.  A natural leader to those around her.  She recruits, shares, and makes an unforgettable impression to all who interacts with her online.  I learned this first hand when I had a random business call with a colleague and LaKesha’s name came up in the conversation as if we both knew her personally.  We didn’t.  It was the transparency and impact LaKesha made that exude familiarity.

Everywhere I go online, I see her.  This showed me how influential and inspirational she was to those who came into contact with her.  If you cross LaKesha’s path, you will surely be inspired by her words.  The magnitude of influence she has locally and online across the social network is really substantial.  I’ve watched how people recognized and acknowledge her because of her online presence.  She isn’t a hoax, she isn’t marketing her business, she is simply being LaKesha Womack, an Inspired Extraordinaire.  She is an individual who isn’t afraid to demonstrate and share all of their talents with a natural and unselfish attitude.

LaKesha’s talent goes far beyond her blog, a hub where she displays all of her crafts.  She is a professional consultant who owns and manages Womack Consulting Group.  LaKesha is a Business Consultant, Speaker, Writer, and Wedding & Event Planner.  She has been featured in other blogs and is a constant contributor to The Young Writer’s Block, an online community of young professionals writing to empower, inform, and discuss.

When Asked...

1) What is your passion?

 “My passion is helping other people become successful.  I feel like God has blessed me so much in my life that I can honestly say that I don't want for anything.  I am grateful for everything that I have and for my feelings of happiness and contentment.  It is my passion to share that with others.  Becoming successful to me isn't just about accumulating things but about finding your purpose in life and living each day with passion and gratitude.  Read More." 

2) What is the one thing or person that inspires you the most?

 “My inspiration comes from my son.  I have always been driven to succeed but it wasn't until I became a mother and saw this precious little person look into my eyes as if I were the greatest thing since sliced bread that I truly felt like I had found my purpose in life. Read More. "

3) What is the most prominent piece of wisdom you've received about life?

 “Trust in God.  I don't worry about anything.  Some people find it strange because I am a roll with the punches type of person and can adjust to any situation.  I don't judge others and accept everyone for who they are today.  I don't believe the world owes me anything rather I have an obligation to do as much as I can, as often as I can. Read More. "

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