Our Actions Are Interpreters Of Our Thoughts

In yesterday’s Wisdom Wednesday’s post, Power of the Tongue, I wrote about how we speak the things that we think.  I said action starts with a thought.  Everything that we do or not do is a result of the way we think.  Our mindset and the debate of the conscious along with the secrets of the subconscious are all a mirror of who we are.  We become what we think and as Patrice Washington said in her blog, Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth “Remember that what you verbalize, you materialize…” It’s a circle of influence, we think it, we speak it, and then we manifest it.  Behold, we birth life from a thought.

John Lock said ~ “The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts”

our actions are interpreters of our thoughts

Men and women are measured by their actions.  You can say one thing and do another. Your actions will always carry the weight.  Our actions are silent words communicating not only our thoughts, but our ethics and morals.  It interprets our character.  Naturally, people believe your actions and may be skeptical of your words unless you have developed a relationship with them and therefore built trust and credibility.  Not everyone walks in believing is seeing.

It’s important to feed your mind with healthy food and nutrition.  Reading a good informative book, conversing with positive people, utilizing stress relievers, and if you are spiritual, praying without ceasing are all things that foster positive thoughts.  It starts in the mind.  If you don’t protect and take care of the thing that impregnates your dreams and visions as well as influences your actions, then the interpretation you may give others could work against you and not for you.

You want for your actions to interpret good thoughts.  Your actions should interpret confidence, goodwill, integrity, leadership, and focus.   What thoughts are you entertaining today?

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara