~ 7 Reasons Why... "You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Success"

I always look at the glass half full instead of half empty.  Many of us have read reasons why people are afraid of success, in this post I choose not to discuss the negative but the positives.  Discussing the negative gives fuel to the fire and in some cases people tend to focus on that fire.

7 reasons why you shouldn't be afraid of success

Breathe, release, and let go of any fears you may have of success.  Success is not something that you should deny because of fear.  Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of success.

1. Win or Lose Situation – success is accomplished either way.  A salesman knows that a sell is made in every interaction, either you make the sell or the prospect sells you on why not.  In the case of success, either fear is successful in telling you that you can’t be successful or you are successful in overcoming fear of the unknown.

2. There Is Room At The Top – there is enough room in this world for everyone who chooses to be successful.   Remember the Pareto Principle and apply it, 80% of the wealth is only generated or owned by 20% of the population.  There are plenty of opportunities to benefit from this statistic and be apart of that 20%.  When you do make it to the top, just remember to help someone else get there.

3. Failure Hurts – if you do find yourself skeptical or afraid of success, think of the feeling immediately after that thought.  The emotion that comes with failure can hurt your pride and confidence.  The idea of failing in life can dominate your thoughts.  While you can’t be afraid of failure, you must also not be oppressed by the possibility.

4. Its Expected of You – if you are a leader or in a position to lead, success is expected.  We can’t deny or fight our natural talents.  There are some things you will be successful at just because you were born with it.  You aren’t born expected to fail, you are given life on this earth with the expectation that you will succeed in your purpose.

5. It’s A Journey, Not a Destination – in a post I wrote earlier, “Progress is Success”, I quoted Sweetland “success is a journey, not a destination”.  You obtain success one step at a time.  Your advancement toward a desired goal can be measured as being successful.  Don’t allow the ending destination to frighten you.  You’ve been preparing for it the entire time.

6. You Have What It Takes – you’ve heard me say on several occasions, everything you need to succeed is already instilled in you.  It’s already with you.   Whether you know it or not, all the tools you need to succeed you already have.  The resources that are available to you are within arms reach.  You just need to recognize them and utilize them.

7. The Time Will Be Right – sometimes we are afraid of success because we aren’t sure we will be ready for it.  Having the concern about not being able to manage $20,000 when you can’t leverage $1,000 is valid.  Success is birth from hard work and self discipline.  When success hits you, you will be ready.  The timing will be right.

Do you have any other reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of success?  Post your comments and stories.

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...From My Thougths To Yours, Jamara