If it's NECESSARY, then it's POSSIBLE

When it comes to reaching for higher heights sometimes the thought of failing and falling short of what is expected or what we desire, prevents us from taking that next step.  What one person deems impossible another regards as a challenge.  There are things in life that we must do and things in life that we want to do.  We have the freedom of choice.  Even with the choices we make there are a series of events in our life that are inevitable and necessary.  If the things we reach for are necessary, then they are possible.

if it's necessary then it's possible

All things are possible but not all things are destine for everyone. Being President of the United States of America is possible, but it’s not apart of everyone’s purpose in life.   Your passion helps determine your purpose and what’s necessary in your life. When you make a decision to pursue a desire, knowing the level of risk and the energy you put into it defines its attainability.  If it’s essential the attainability should be a given notion.  The idea that something will get done because it has to get done provides enough hope and faith to get started.

Separating your desires from your wants in life helps you prioritize what’s necessary.  It makes its easier or comfortable to construe your behavior and communicate the “why”.  It decreases disappointment and lessens failure due to irrelevant or vain behaviors.  Know your purpose and what’s necessary in your life.  Despite any odds against you, if what you set out to do and are ambitious about is necessary, it may be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Do you believe that what’s necessary in your life is possible?  How do you deal with challenging obstacles?

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Your, Jamara