~Wisdom Wednesday... "Be Who You Are"

At some point in time or another we’ve heard someone say “try walking in my shoes”.  You may have also heard someone tell you “you have some big shoes to fill”.  Everyone has their own set of feet and they buy their own pair of shoes for those feet.  If you try walking in someone else’s shoes you just may trip over your own two feet.   Don’t try to walk the life of another person, being true to who you are is already a difficult task.  Live your life, embrace your venture, and be true to your identity while doing so.

be who you are

Happy is the man who is content with what he has.  No matter what phase of your life you’re in right now, everything you need to prosper is either with you or within you.  When you attempt to go outside of yourself in a manner that is consciously mimicking another individual you make yourself vulnerable and open for attack.  You create the possibility for failure. 

Remember, it’s not where or when you start, it’s making the decision to start and where you end up.  Living the life of someone else weakens your chance of survival.  A first year teacher acting as if she is the Principal threatens her relationship with her students.  Now it doesn’t mean that she won’t be a Principal one day, but before she meets that destination she has to live and embrace her adventure as teacher.  As did the principal before she lead.

Be true to who you are.  You are unique.  You are an achiever.  You are victorious.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara