~7 Reasons Why... "Having A Friend Is Necessary"

Life is like a roller coaster, you have moments when you are up and moments when you are down.  You encounter episodes that make you laugh and others that make you scream.   It’s a journey you can’t take by yourself.  You need a strong support system in place.  Family, friends, or a significant other all have roles and responsibilities during this journey.

A friendship is the foundation for all personal relationships.  Having one is essential to your survival in life.  Here are 7 reasons why having a friend is necessary.

1. Support – there are times in our life when we hesitate to move forward because of risk level or even fear.  You may have someone speak discouraging words to you.  It’s in these times that a friend will give you moral support, confirming your strengths and ability to move forward and seek what it is you desire.

7 reasons why having a friend is necessary

2. The Truth – rather it’s what we want to hear or news we would rather not discuss, a friend will and should communicate an unbiased response.   This is the person who will help keep you grounded and humbled if arrogance tries to sneak in.   A friend understands that telling you the truth isn’t about sparing your feelings but about growth and building your character.  

3. Cultivation– in most cases, our friends is a reflection of ourselves or a dominating characteristic of who we are.   A friendship could be for a season or last a lifetime.  In a friendship you are constantly growing and learning from each other.  You become closer after each disagreement and stronger as time goes by.   You establish a strong valuable friendship that nurtures you for other relationships.   This is important because, as I stated earlier, a friendship is the foundation for all personal relationships.

4. Health – everyone needs an outlet.  We all need something or someone that we can vent to, helping us to release negative stress.   Having a friend to talk with help keeps you from fostering negative thoughts or attitudes.  A friend is a stress reliever, helping you to live a happier and healthier life.

5. Self Esteem – they encourage the confidence you need to keep going.  They provoke the sense of competence required to maintain self respect and self assurance.  You may know you can do it, but having someone else tell you can increase your self esteem. 

6. It Comes Before Love – before you can have a fruitful romantic relationship you must first have established a blossoming friendship.  Trust, communication, and loyalty are developed in a friendship.  These are 3 important things needed for the survival of a relationship filled with love and romance. 

7. You Are Who You Are – everyone has different roles in life.  We wear several hats throughout the week.  The number of hats increases as we get older and mature.  Sometimes etiquette doesn’t allow one trait to be expressed in another role.  Despite the different roles, we are still one person, and a friend allows you to be that entire person.  Being able to be yourself and all of who you are with someone is inspiration to become more.

Are you cherishing your relationships?  We need each other to go far.  Arnold Glasow said "A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down."

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara