De-Clutter Your Life

In an earlier post this year, Clean Up Before You Prepare The Table, I discussed the importance of having a clean slate going into the new year.  The necessity of having a clear understanding of things that needed to be changed in our lives in order to get different results.  After all, if we expect something different than we must plan something different.  Dream it, plan it, execute it, and then grow it.  Now it’s time to de-clutter your life.

de-clutter your life

I saw the heading “De-clutter Your Life” on the front cover of Oprah’s magazine and it caught my attention and said a thousand things to me.  Oprah may have been referring to her closet but I started to ponder how one could apply it to their life.  One area in our lives that I feel is without a “grey area” is the ability to be organized.  A person is either organized or unorganized, there really isn’t room for “somewhat”.  Having organization in your life will help you reach your goals and fuel your ambitions.  It helps to create a road map of your journey.

Organizing your life requires you putting your goals and dreams out on paper.  Writing out your visions so that you can see them clearly and then proceeding with a plan of action.  It requires you to be focus and clear your mind of distracting thoughts and then dusting off old ideas that you placed in the back of your mind because you thought they weren’t possible.  Take the time out to prioritize your needs from your desires and wants.  As Denzel Washington once said “do what you have to do, so that you can do what you want to do”.

Organize your goals.  Throw away negative attitudes and unproductive people.   De-cluttering your life isn’t just about getting your house in order for guests.  It’s also a state of being.  Know where it is you want to go in life.  Be ready at any moment to excel to that place.   Are you organized in your life?  Is your mind filled with clutter?

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara