~Wisdom Wednesday..."Keep Your Eye On The Prize"

Life tosses many obstacles our way and sometimes we are distracted by them.  These obstacles come in all forms.  It may be death in the family, laid off from work, financial hardships, or the denial of a very important request.  Sometimes these situations are controllable, but then there are times when they are just unavoidable.  The trick is to take them all as a lesson learned or an experience gained, all while staying focus on the path ahead.

keep your eye on the prize

Sometimes we get caught up with what's around us and forget to pay attention to what's ahead of us.  Don't allow current distractions to lead you astray.  Stay vigilant, stay prayerful, and stay encouraged.  Your survival on swimming and not drowning when the tides are high depends on your ability to not panic when the waters get rough. 

Keep your eye on the prize and stay excited about the gift ahead.  When the time comes, all of your trials and tribulations will be well understood and appreciated because it prepared you for the place you were destined to reach.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara