Our Expectations of Life. You Get What You Give.

Many of us understand the importance of putting in work in order to get the result that we desire.  The level of work we give or sacrifice can be anything from physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  It's not just blood, sweat, and tears but it's how much of what's on our insides we give that instigates our success on the outside.  Our outcomes are determined by our input.  Simply said, you get out whatever it is that you put in. However, if you do not give, you cannot expect a return.

our expectation of life you get what you give

Some people go through stages in life where they feel success is debt that they must collect.  They have a way of thinking that life owes them something.   If we get caught up in this mentality then not only will we be stuck in a place of complacency but also be insensible about the responsibilities that comes along with success.  A few of these responsibilities are:

  • To be a provider for yourself and your family.
  • To be a mentor, helping others to obtain and gain a stage of success.
  • To be a volunteer or philanthropist in your community whenever possible.
  • To be a leader, who through encouragement and motivation exalts and prepares others to lead.

The thing and or things that you expect out of life must be justified by your actions and the behavior you exemplify in everyday tasks.  If you give your thoughts, time, talent, and dedication to a specific thing than you are fair to expect a lucrative result.  It's a return on your personal investment.

Be considerate of the parts required in the equation for success and mindful of the responsibilities that accrue.   Basic math is A + B = C.   No Action + No Giving = No Return.  If you have not, it's probably because you give not.  If you don't have happiness, maybe you don't give joy.  If you don't have peace, maybe you don't give silence.  Give life a chance, so that you may have the rewards it offers and exceed your expectations.

What are your expectations of life?

Shared over a cup of tea

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara