~ 7 Reasons Why..." Your Attitude Really Is Everything"

Most of the time growth and understanding persuades our attitude about a specific thing or topic. When we are enlighten or educated about something or someone any negative or pessimistic attitude we carried transforms into a more positive one.   Some can even argue that at times we have mixed attitudes, remaining ambivalent about certain things.  Either way, your attitude really is everything and it means a lot to the people around you.  Here are 7 reasons why.

1.  Relationship Building - your attitude is a weapon for building relationships.  A positive attitude can be a weapon for protection.  A negative attitude can be a weapon for attack.  When building relationships, communication is key.  Having a negative attitude closes the door for open communication.

7 reasons why your attitude really is everything

2.   Law of Attraction - simply said, you receive the energy that you give.  If you are exuding a positive attitude than you will receive positive energy from others.  If you are constantly giving or having a negative attitude than that is the same attitude you will attract from the people around you.  People can only argue if they have

someone to argue with.

3.   Sustainability - we've heard and I've said over and over again, your talent may get you there but it's your attitude and character that will keep you there.  When you are in high rankings, a position above the crowd, having a positive attitude will help you sustain your position.  Your attitude can determine your continue rise or your sudden fall.

4.   Drives Behavior - your attitude dictates behavior.  It speaks loudly to those around you, communicating different things that allow people to draw their own conclusion about who you are.  Your attitude, in most settings, can be used as a guide to how or if people will respond to you at all. 

5.   It's An Asset or Liability - your attitude can either make you or break you in both a social and professional setting.  We know the common cliche statement, your attitude speaks louder than your words.  An individual's attitude shows in their body language, their communication, and their response. 

6.  Future Success - it molds and shapes your mindset about not only current affairs, but future plans and endeavors as well.  Your attitude helps to construe the big picture, the overall view of life.  If you have a positive attitude your interpretation may include others.  If you hold a negative attitude, your translation of future success may be selfish.

7.  Transparency - a positive attitude makes it clear and communicates that you may be free of deceit.  It becomes very difficult for individuals to trust someone with a negative attitude. When you lack transparency in your attitude you can be seen as either unpredictable or not dependable.

What kind of attitude to do have?

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara