Believing is Seeing

Throughout my life I’ve always been a risk taker.  Some may say a little too risky at times.  But I have no fear in the things I set out to do.   My thought process is simple when it comes to this:  I know that no matter what, If I’m consciously living out my day everyday to be a better me and helping others when I can,  than I am protected andgood things will come to me.   With that said, I take risks because my returns on life investments are surely to be profitable.   I believe that, I walk that, and I talk that.  I have faith, a complete confidence that life will work out in my favor.

believing is seeing

We are all familiar with the statement “seeing is believing”; the notion that once some thing or some person is physically visible it becomes true.  You then believe it.  When something is tangible it is believable.  The idea and concept of an individual thinking:  when I can see it, when I can experience it, when I can physically touch it, then and only then will I believe it to be true.   In this concept, the manifestation of physical things “births” belief.

But when you believe first, the manifestation of physical things “confirms” belief.   Believing is seeing denotes that you are confident in knowing it is true, knowing it’s there.  The physical or visible image doesn’t needs to be present to confirm this.   Our thoughts and emotions influence our behavior.  Our level of confidence and will power steers our actions.   If you are thinking and feeling pessimistic, than your belief system blinds you from seeing success.   The more knowledge you intake, the more you will know about things that were previously unknown to you but surrounded you everyday.   

The more you know, the more confident you are and the more likely you will see what it is that you believe.  When you are in love with someone, you feel it and believe it, then it manifests for someone to see it.   When you believe and are confident in your qualifications during a job interview, it shows in your presentation, the interviewer can see it.   When you are a college student and talk of life after college, you believe you will be a graduate, even though it hasn’t happen yet, but your belief and faith shows in your academics.  Your professors see it.

Are you waiting to see your success before you believe it will happen?  Or do you believe in your success and preparing yourself for it?

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara