It's Not Lonely At The Top, If You Help Someone Get There.

“It’s not lonely at the top…IF YOU HELP SOMEBODY GET THERE" Rev Run Wisdom  Quotes

it's not lonely at the top if you help someone get there

When an individual reaches a visible level of success in the eyes of the public, we say “they’ve made it”.  Levels of success are sometimes measured to ones own accountability.   However, there does seem to be an undefined, somewhat immeasurable, state of success that clarifies “making it to the top”.  When it happens, you will know it and so will others.   But making it to the top doesn’t denote you are

done in life; nor does it signify that you’ve fulfilled your purpose.  When you reach the top, you still have to take the lid off so the bright light of success can shine and encourage someone else to make it there as well.

We all have heard many people say “it’s lonely at the top”.  Truth is, being lonely is a choice, and it’s a preference of solitude.  We are creators of our own environment and circle of influence, and the lack of.   We were created to build and procreate.  As leaders want followers, some followers want to be leaders.  If you are lonely at the top, it’s a possibility that you prefer to be.  It’s your choice to use your talents and gifts to reproduce other successful people.  If you are at the top, you are in a leadership position.  A good leader reproduces like offspring. 

Making it to the top has its perks.   Enjoy them, you worked hard for them.   However, don’t make the choice to be lonely, help someone else get there.  Helping and teaching others to succeed where you have become successful shows how talented and valuable you really are.  A good teacher is measured by the performance of his or her students.  Create an environment of other successful individuals.   

Some may argue that people don’t want to work hard to make it to the top.  Others may say everyone doesn’t have what it takes to make it to the top, but then few may admit that some people who makes it to the top don’t help others get there for fear of losing their spot.   I say, “Teach a student and let them apply what they have learn, be a leader and encourage people to find their untapped talents, and be humble and realistic, there will always be someone more talented than you”. 

As leaders we can’t afford to make it to the top and feel lonely.  The moment we do, is the moment we’ve reached a plateau,  a period where there is no progress in learning. 

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...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara