Footprints On The Moon

“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit, there’s footprints on the moon” (There’s a World Out There) by Paul Brandt.   

footprints on the moon

Paul Brandt, a country singer, sings these words in his song “There’s a World Out There”.   I think, as simple as it may sound, is a very strong statement.   I’ll admit, when I first heard the verse it altered my thought pattern a little.  The usual and commonly stated cliché “the sky’s the limit” immediately shattered for me.  The idea that there is something even greater to achieve while living here on this earth designed for endless possibilities, enthused me in a great way.    

Often time people accept that which they can see with their naked eye to be their limit. 

We feel either there is nothing beyond it or we are not allowed to go pass it.  We put restrictions on ourselves even when they haven’t been identified.   You see two orange cones in the middle of  the road and assume you aren’t allowed to bypass those cones for reasons unknown.  Instead, those cones silently communicate a saved space for an authorized official.  Observing the fact that those cones have space outside and around them, you see beyond them, and continue to move forward, ignoring the false restriction it portrays.  This is how I now see the sky and anything else that indirectly or falsely communicates restriction.  

The moon, being in outer space, is beyond earth’s atmosphere.   Earth’s atmosphere keeps us safe and provides us with oxygen, the element needed to sustain life here on earth.  We are able to travel outside of earth’s atmosphere but we need special gear to survive in outer space, a world of said untouchables.  So when we decide to look beyond the sky and desire to walk on the moon, know that you too will need special gear.  You will need the strength, persistence, and desire to survive in an unfamiliar atmosphere.  You will have to change the view from your mind to see what is really in front of your eyes instead of what they have been conditioned to see as invisible.  

So don’t tell me the sky’s the limit, that which I can see, because there are footprints by other human beings in outer space, that which I can not see.  

Are you making your footprints on the moon?

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara