It Only Takes One

I used to say the statement “it only takes one” without fully understanding the power of “one”.   Some times we say things and don’t really understand the meaning or capture the revelation of it until we have experience something that relates to it.   Knowledge is in fact power, but knowledge is also learned experiences.

it only takes one

I came to understand the power of this statement a week ago when I experienced a woman at a homeless shelter where I facilitate adult training give me a typed thank you letter.   It was completely unexpected.   The smile on my face, the joy in my spirit, and the love in my heart was overwhelming even for me.   She was the “only” adult who decided to commit to training in the entire shelter and attended every class faithfully and on time. 

It only takes one.   Some of us may have heard someone say “I’m just one person, my vote doesn’t count”.  Or maybe, the individual who says “I’m not going into work today, they won’t miss me, I’m only one person.”  Even in the situation above, a trainer or teacher who feels “I’m ending this class, there is only one person who shows up”.    It only takes that one person who decided their vote doesn’t count to convince and persuade 10 other people their vote doesn’t count either.   Now you have 11 people not voting.  It only took that one individual to not show up at work that caused a day of productivity to drop below expectations.  It only took that one teacher to end that class that caused that one student to not learn the skill needed to provide for their family.

Changes in your home, changes in society, and changes in this world can be influence by only one person.  The effect that one person can have on another can be encouraging, influential and or manipulative.  This effect can be positive and or negative.  But in all we set out to do in our life and in society is started with only one person, you.  

It only takes one person to want to teach for a classroom of students to learn.  It only takes one good leader to nurture several good leaders.  You only need one person to believe in your success and the manifestation of your dreams and that one person is you. 

Let’s be that one person who believe.  Are you that one? 

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara