Purpose of The Wilderness

There are times in our life when we sit in the valley and not on top of the mountain. I've been told it's when you’re in the valley that ideas and visions are conceived and a plan of manifestation is birth. It is during this time we experience growth, discipline, and gain perspective.

purpose of the wilderness

We all know that seasons come and seasons go. They always come back around, it's just a matter of when. Sometimes while waiting for our season we find ourselves lost in the wilderness. It's a point in time where we are lost without any sense of direction. It's a place in time where our seeds bear no harvest. It's a state of being where we seem to have no control. However, the wilderness is also a natural environment and the most "intact" areas on our planet. 

It's in the wilderness that we are broken of self sufficiency and self promotion in order to survive the next stage in life. It's a natural state in our life used for growth and discipline. We may feel lost and discouraged but by no means are we held captive. The wilderness is a place where there is little to no human activity, a place where natural processes take place without the interference of humans. So if you feel you are held captive in the wilderness, the only person holding you hostage is yourself.

It's during the wilderness we experience seasons of growth. We gain a perspective on our purpose in life. We learn how to find our way through and how to survive not on the care and praises of others, but simply on the ingredients we have in ourselves. It's at this point we have gained understanding, wisdom, and previously undesired knowledge. You now know, and are ready to live out your passion and execute the plans of your dreams.

Shared over a cup of tea,

...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara