You're Behind In Technology. Does It Effect Our Relationship?

Earlier this week I was teasing a friend of mine for being behind in technology. This individual doesn't partake it any of the Social Networking sites, rarely text messages, hardly sends or even check their emails, and only logs onto a PC when absolutely necessary.  I inform them that they are missing an entire new world that has unfolded before our eyes.

you're behind in technolody does it affect our relationship

But then I realized that because of their choice to not be sucked into the world of cyberspace, that we don't communicate or exchange information regularly. However, when we do, we are on the phone for an extended period of time catching up on the happenings of each other lives.

So I pose the question, do those of us who are fans or maybe even addicts of Social Networking and the advantages of Technology allow our dedication to these things to effect our interpersonal chemistry? Does Social Networking & Modern Technology interfere with the relationship of friends who don't partake in this movement?

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...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara

***MiniBlog Originally Posted via Facebook Notes on October 15, 2009.