You Can Not Become What You Despise.

In a recent group posting Mike S. Cantave wrote "Please celebrate the success of others! You can not become what you despise". He said a mouth full when he wrote this.

you can not become what you despise

This statement immediately impressed me. When someone you know or know of gets a promotion, starts that new business, makes that magazine spread, or reaches a point in their life where they are seen as "extra"ordinary are you genuinely happy for them? Do you truly wish the best for them? Or are you secretly bitter because it's not you or that they reached a place of success before you did?

If you choose to be successful then there is a road you will take. Everyone's road to success is different. Your trials and tests are for YOU to experience and learn from not anyone else. It's not about where you start, but where and how you finish. Two people could have made the decision to be successful at different points in their lives but reach the point of success at the exact same time. I've seen it done.

The problem comes when an individual harbors jealousy, envy, or even anger for another person's success. If you personally want to be successful then how could you really become the same thing you despise? Let's talk about this . Any and all thoughts are welcome.

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...From My Thoughts To Yours, Jamara

***MiniBlog Originally Posted via Facebook Noteson October 30, 2009.