When You Walk In A Room Are You Seen or Heard? Arrogance vs. Confidence.

I'm sure we all have experienced a point in time where an individual has come across as being arrogant. This may have happened in a casual conversation, social event, networking function, or even a professional meeting. But arrogance is so loud that it can speak a multiple of things. Often times, what is spoken is not that which is being said out of their mouth, but what is being heard from their attitude.

when you walk in a room are you seen or heard

I, along with a few other people, have experienced this behavior this past week. People often mistake arrogance with confidence.

When someone walks into a room with arrogance, "you hear them everywhere in the room". When someone walks into a room with confidence, "you can see them from anyplace in the room".

One definition of arrogance is "an exaggerated and boastful sense of one's own worth or importance".  A definition of confidence is "assurance: freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities".

As I stated in my recent status update Confidence is "displayed" not spoken and Arrogance is simply subtle weakness. Your thoughts and comments are welcome. 

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***MiniBlog Originally Posted via Facebook Notes on October 23, 2009.