Can Someone Recover From A Bad First Impression?

It's been said and we all have said it, "first impressions lasts a lifetime".  I'm a big believer and supporter in this statement.  The first time I meet someone or even come into contact with them I'm not only listening to what they are saying out of their "mouth" but what they are saying out of their "spirit".

can someone recover from a bad first impression

I don't look so much into a person at first encounters.  However, if you give off a negative vibe of any kind, rather it's an irrational opinion, a prejudice comment, a judgmental statement, or standoffish mannerisms that seems to silently dilute the importance of that which is being discussed, then I will observe that and place a pin in it.

Question is, once that has taken place on a "first impression", can the individual or individuals witnessing this behavior secretly, within themselves, grade you on your performance and automatically decide not to socialize with your character? Or, can this person actually recover from this bad first impression and does time play a huge factor in doing so?

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***MinigBlog Originally Posted via Facebook Noteson October 9, 2009.