Brilliance Is Compassion & Courage...When Do We Reach This?

"People living in brilliance grow in compassion and use accomplishments to spur them to further achievement. They do not know envy. Their companion is courage, and they are courageous enough to manifest love in terms of respect, patience, and courtesy that draws excellence from others.” 

brilliance is compassion and courage when do we reach this

When I read this passage I immediately paused, read it again, and then allowed it to sink in and marinate into my character.  When we get the feeling that there is something more, it can be done better, or you're missing a sense of satisfaction, we tend to go out and do better for "ourselves".   There is nothing wrong with that.  When we get to a point where we do better for ourselves and exemplify the compassion to see others do better for themselves, we reach both mental and moral success.

Everyone, what do you think causes us to get this unselfish mentality out of our lives? When do you think we reach this point in our lives?  

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...From My Thoughts to Yours, Jamara

***MiniBlog Originally Posted via Facebook Notes on September 28, 2009.